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Bev Kat Rosenbaum's I'M GOOD AND OTHER LIES

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bev katz rosenbaum's i'm good and other lies

bev katz's i'm good and other liesI'M GOOD AND OTHER LIES
Publisher: DCB/Cormorant Books
Bev Katz
Release date: 25/09/2021
ISBN: 978-1-77086-632-4

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Kelsey Kendler is struggling in her final semester of high school as it is. She's at a new school, her best friend has moved to California, her crush is giving her the runaround, and her unstable, pill-popping mom makes hanging out at home a nightmare. At least she can pick up shifts at her new part-time job to get away, right?

Wrong. The COVID-19 pandemic triggers a nation-wide lockdown, leaving Kelsey isolated at home. How is she going to make it through this wreck of a year?

Advance praise for I'm Good and Other Lies:

"Kelsey Kendler describes herself as a 'judgy, hypervigilant downer.' Kelsey is also funny and real, and she'll absolutely steal your heart as she tries to navigate a new school in senior year, her dysfunctional parents, and lockdown. This is a book for RIGHT NOW."—Teresa Toten, author of The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

"I'm Good and Other Lies is a sharp, funny and occasionally harrowing story of a young woman finding the resilience to fight through the impossible to get to a place of hope."—Danielle Younge-Ullman, award-winning author of Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined