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A developmental edit/manuscript critique by moi gives you a detailed evaluation of your manuscript, focusing on substantive elements such as plot, theme, pacing, point of view, character, conflict, and voice, with specific examples. No worries, I also suggest methods of fixing said problems. I also call attention to persistent spelling, grammar and punctuation issues. A multi-page report is sent via e-mail within four weeks of manuscript receipt. The following charges apply (with newsletter subscribers getting ten percent off every job!):

Complete manuscripts up to 70,000 words: 375.00
Complete manuscripts between 70,000 words and 100,000 words: 475.00
Complete manuscripts between 100,000 words and 120,000 words: 575.00
Picture books: 125.00
Query letters: 25.00 (but no charge if you are also purchasing a developmental edit)
Synopsis: 50.00 (but no charge if you are also purchasing a developmental edit)
Cover copy: 25.00 (but no charge if you are also purchasing a developmental edit)

Please e-mail me () to let me know when you'll be sending your material, as well as the word count of your manuscript, and I will invoice you via PayPal. Send your manuscript via e-mail and your payment via PayPal following the prompts on the invoice. Note that I do not commence reading before receiving payment. Your manuscript must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx files only, please) as an attachment, and your query letter and/or synopsis and/or blurbs have to be sent at the same time as your manuscript, or I will become very, very confused. Please double space your manuscripts and number your pages.

Note that I do not offer sample edits due to the level of my experience, my low fees, and my busy schedule.

My line/copy editing partner Monique Conrod is a freelance writer and editor specializing in copy editing fiction manuscripts. Monique has helped many an author to polish their prose and enhance the quality of their manuscripts for self-publishing or submission to agents or publishers. Monique has several years of experience working for newspapers and magazines (including the National Post and Hello! Canada). She also writes fiction and non-fiction for children and is a regular contributor to

Rates are $1.50 per page for copy editing (basic sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, continuity and fact-checking as needed) and $2.00 per page for line editing (copy editing plus more extensive suggestions on sentence and paragraph structure). For more information, contact .



Hi, Bev. Just a note to say that I’ve been through all of your notes. What an excellent job you did, I must say. Above and beyond your fee, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll sing your praises once this book is launched! Thanks again for all your help.
-Arthur Slade, Governor General’s Award-winning author

Around 2005-ish, when I finally decided my writing superpowers would be just as useful in the kid lit world as they were in the corporate world, I was smart enough to get my book edited before submitting it to agents. Bev was the editor I chose. Her notes helped me whip my manuscript into shape, and shortly thereafter, I secured my agent. Now, five published books and nearly a decade later, she's once again guiding me, helping to make my work its best. No matter how long you've been writing or how many books you publish, a good editor is your secret weapon. I really value Bev's insight and love her critique style.
-Paula Chase Hyman, acclaimed middle grade/young adult author of So Done and Dough Boys

Hi Bev -- thank you! This is really valuable feedback. What I like most is that you don't just critique -- you give concrete suggestions for how to improve an issue. I'll definitely be in touch again for future books, and will recommend you to writer friends!
-Julia Kent, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Bev is a topnotch developmental editor who is wonderful to work with. Her suggestions are always spot on. I really appreciate her amazing, detailed critiques as well as her high level of professionalism and quick turnaround times. I wouldn’t publish again without her wonderful expertise. I highly recommend her services.
-Shadonna Richards, USA Today bestselling author

Bev Rosenbaum is an indispensible part of my writing process; her editing notes are thorough, her taste is top-notch, her prices fair, and she’s always made my projects better. I have no hesitation recommending her services.
-James Morris, Amazon Kindle Scout author, former Smallville and The Dead Zone scriptwriter

So grateful for your expert editorial skills, encouragement, and quick turnaround. Highly recommend!
-Lindy DeKoven, former NBC VP and author of Primetime Princess

Bev, the manuscripts you edited for me just sold! A big thanks to you for all your fantastic suggestions!
-Sarah Castille, New York Times/USA Today bestselling author

And more:

I sent my first book to Bev in 2013 and since then she has critiqued ten more for me. She has a wonderful understanding about what a book needs to make it flow. I’ve written and re-written so many books because she’s told me to, and I may even have cursed her occasionally, but I never doubt that she knows exactly what my books need to make them work. Thanks Bev, you rock!
- Wendy Vella

I highly recommend Bev’s insightful edits. I worked with several talented editors while writing twenty books for Harlequin and when I decided to self publish my Desert Kings series, I wanted an editor with the same level of experience and expertise. Bev is exactly the editor I was looking for. She has a great eye for what makes a story hum, and helps me cut the clutter and deliver the maximum emotional punch in each book. On top of that her turnaround time is fast and her prices are reasonable! I look forward to working with her on my upcoming stories.
-Jennifer Lewis

Bev has critiqued seven of my books so far and I have found her to be a delight to work with. She is prompt and friendly, but most of all, her work is of such a high standard that I feel safe in her hands. Giving your baby to someone to have it dissected is scary. Having it turn into something better than you had imagined is incredible. Thanks Bev – you’re wonderful.
-Cheryl Phipps

Thank you once again, Bev! Your laser-focused feedback is exactly what I need to make this manuscript stronger. You have pointed out what's working well, and more importantly, what needs improvement. You’ve provided wonderful suggestions for how to fix said weak spots and I look forward to incorporating your feedback. Also, your personality shines through in these notes, which makes reading them and working with you a blast.
-Eric Telchin

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Your critique is FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to dive back in! And will definitely spread the word!
-Christina Lee

Hi, Bev. Just want to say I’ve spent the last few days editing and wanted to thank you for your feedback and insightful comments. It’s amazing, the things that were in my head but didn’t quite make it clearly onto the page and I really needed someone to point these things out to me. These were exactly the kind of things I was looking for so I’ve found your service invaluable and will definitely recommend you to friends.
-Susan Wilson

Wow, Bev, thank you so much! This will help me more than you can know. Your detailed notes are exactly what I need to get this in shape. I will definitely spread the word!
-Alison Ashley Formento

Hi, Bev. Thanks so much! Your critique is right on and I really feel like I got my money’s worth. I will definitely recommend you to others who are looking for developmental editors as I have received exactly what I was looking for in this editing pass.
-Wendy Lynn Clark

I love working with Bev. She has a keen eye for any weaknesses in a story, and her suggestions for improvement are always excellent. When I send her a manuscript, I can trust that her feedback will be spot on and that her notes will help me to make my story the best it can be. I am so glad to have found her!
-Sandra Schwab